Track My Fleet(India) Pvt ltd. Telematics Solution powered your business with fleet management solutions which increases your profit and reduces the operational expenses. Know your assets all day or every day or just know the exact location by installing the GPS tracker in the fleet, the owners can get access to their assets, as assets are valuable.

Whether its monitoring and managing your fleet of vehicles, your field workforce, or valuable assets, Track My Fleet advanced GPS Tracking & Telematics solutions help you maximise productivity and efficiency.

Track My Fleet reduces accidents and saves lives by turning drivers into safety experts, transforming your fleet culture into a safety culture.
That’s along what you expect from a top rated GPS fleet tracking and monitoring provider: Data, history, averages, alarms on speeding, hard braking, hard acceleration excessive idling and safety and performance indicators.

Track My Fleet is one stop solution for all your Fleet related issues.

How it Works

Steps on How The Tracker Works

Install the GPS tracker in the fleet
The tracker has a sim slot with GPRS activated which helps in receiving signals
The sim card in the tracker works as communication protocol between the device and our telematic servers
Our servers receive the information about the exact location of the vehicle, driver’s productivity, real time vehicle performance updates.
The operators can login into our servers by entering the Username-Password and can track his fleet.

Who Can Use

There are no restrictions in using the GPS tracker, where as it is useful.

Business that rely heavily on transportation of Goods.
Educational Institutions for Security Purposes.
MNC’S, BPO’S, SMSSES or any other Business (Big or Small).

Benefits :

Benefits you get after implementing Track My Fleet services. We have a manifest motive that is:

1. Increase Efficiency:
Real-time communication coupled with routing apps can divert drivers away from road delays and toward high-priority loads. Adding even a few minutes of driving time to each driver’s daily hours of service can boost overall fleet utilization.

2. Improve Safety:
Drivers who know they’re being monitored tend to perform according to the company and regulatory standards, which can reduce accidents and damage to vehicles and freight.

3. Reduce Operating Costs:
Saving even a few minutes of idling time across a fleet leads to huge fuel savings. Better fleet and driver utilization can lift equipment availability to meet customer demand for existing assets.

4. Monitor Safety Habits:
With connected trucks, management can view how fast vehicles are driven, how quickly they accelerate from a stop and other indicators of driver behavior.

5. Plan:
Track My Fleet helps you to define travel routes on GPS maps to reduce planning workload, with us you can increase vehicle utilization and amplify profit.

6. Monitor:
Trace path of vehicles in real time on a GPS map, work status and monitor alert information


We are customer friendly, the cost we provide is not hefty but in accordance with the quality of our products and services.

1.One-time Hardware Cost
2.Recurring bills to be paid annually.