Please read the instructions carefully before you proceed.

1. All our customers using hardware mentioned below are requested to take data backup of your vehicles by downloading the required MIS reports. As these devices are being moved to Track my fleet’s new software.

2. However, customers using the following old hardware being M 508, M518, M528, M588 M588N, M588T bought between 2012 – 2016 will remain on the previous software only.

3. Customers whose fleets/vehicles have  been migrated to the new software are required to login & check by Thursday 5:00 P.M. However, usernames & passwords will remain the same.

4. You can view how to use the software by watching the video tutorials links given in the Media Tab.

5. This migration to the new software will commence on 05-08-2020 5:00 PM, IST and likely end by  20-08-2020 5:00 P.M

6. The New Mobile App. (Both iOS and Android versions) will be available for download by 22nd August 2020.

7. Once the migration is completed, we will display the same on the Login tab, if your vehicle's continue to show offline, please reach out to us to schedule a service visit to change the SIM card, device or for remote trouble shooting or assistance. You can reach out to our support on +91 99086666911 or email at