Performance Specifications
Most Accurate Fuel Sensor
Can detect and report fuel theft of as low as 0.5 liters
The sensor is completely dipped in fuel via a small hole has to drilled on top of the tank.
Has to be customized as per Tank Dimensions like Size, Shape, Capacity (to be provided by the client)
Fuel saving and cost benefits to owners.
Technical Specifications
Measuring Height 0 ‐ 500mm, Accept Customized Height
Measuring Materials Polyurethane (diesel and gasoline)
Measuring Accuracy 96% ‐ 100%
Lag time 0.1 second
Output Signal Voltage 0 ‐ 8V, choose DC 0 ‐ 5V or 0 ‐ 8V power
Operating Voltage DC 11 ‐ 36V
Operating Temperature ‐40℃‐ +80℃
Three‐wire Type black–ground, red–power, blue–output signal
Overall Structure Post Bed
Installation Top Mounted
Materials Stainless Steel
Lifespan 5 Million Times